[Q]:What is the Finishing Process and how does it work?

[A]:The Finishing Process involves placing the workpieces, media, compound, and water into the machine in specific proportions. During the process, the media grinds, deburrs, or polishes the workpieces while the compound and water maintain cleanliness.

[Q]:How long does the Finishing Process take?

[A]:The duration of the Finishing Process depends on various factors such as the appearance uniformity, surface traces, and customer requirements. Typically, the deburring process takes between 20 minutes to 2 hours per batch, while the polishing process ranges from 25 minutes to 1 hour per batch.

[Q]:Is the Finishing Machine easy to operate?

[A]:Certainly, the Finishing Machine is designed for easy operation, and we provide comprehensive guidance during the initial setup.

[Q]:How do I choose the size and type of Finishing Machine?

[A]:To determine the appropriate size, we consider the dimensions of the workpieces and the desired output per operation. When selecting the type of machine, we take into account the material of the workpieces and the specific finishing requirements. Simply provide us with pictures of the workpieces, and we will assist you in choosing the suitable machine and solution.

[Q]:What Finishing Process Methods are available for Finishing Machines?

[A]:Our Finishing Machines support a wide range of methods including deburring, polishing, radiusing, degreasing, cleaning, smoothing, fine polishing, mirror polishing, super finishing, isotropic finishing, ball burnishing, derusting, descaling, pickling, and more.

[Q]:How many workpieces can be processed at once?

[A]:We can provide the appropriate workpiece-to-media ratio. If you provide the size of the parts and the desired machine, we can determine the quantity of workpieces that can be processed in one cycle. For example, a 300L vibratory machine typically requires 200kg of media, while a 400L machine requires 250kg of media. To provide a better solution, we are interested in gathering data about your workpieces.

[Q]:What is your packaging method?

[A]:For machines, we use strong plywood packaging for each individual set. Media is packaged in woven bags, with 25kg per bag and 1000kg per pallet. Compound is packaged in plastic barrels, with 50kg per barrel.

[Q]:How do you ensure the quality of Finishing Machines?

[A]:Our rigorous production process includes laser cutting, welding, shot blasting, PU casting, painting, and thorough testing. We use high-quality raw materials and implement strict quality control at every step of production. Each part, especially the motor and PU quality, undergoes thorough testing to ensure excellent performance. Our machines come with a two-year warranty against non-human damage.

[Q]:What are your price terms?

[A]:We offer various price terms including FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, DDU, and DAP. If you require a delivered price (DDU, DAP), please allow 1-2 days for us to provide the necessary details.

[Q]:How do I choose the size and type of consumables?

[A]:We manufacture a wide range of high-quality media, including plastic media, ceramic media, porcelain media, zirconia media, stainless steel media, and special media such as 3P, walnut shells, and corn cob. The selection of media depends on the size and material of the workpieces. Additionally, cost and product loss are taken into consideration.

[Q]:Which is the nearest port?

[A]:Xiamen port is the nearest port.

[Q]:How do you ensure the quality of consumables?

[A]:We pay close attention to every step of the process, from the mixing ratio of raw materials to the sorting of impurities. Our expertise and attention to detail result in low media loss, high grinding capacity, and excellent polishing ability.

[Q]:What are your payment methods?

[A]:Our primary payment method is T/T (bank transfer), and we also accept Paypal. We offer Trade Assurance Order to all customers, providing payment protection, quality protection, and shipping protection.

[Q]:What is your lead time?

[A]:We aim to arrange shipment within 12 days after payment. The machine is ready to be shipped from xiamen port or shenzhen port within 15 days.

[Q]:Which certificates do you have?

[A]:We hold ISO9001:2015, CE, SGS, Safe Transportation Report, and other relevant certificates.

[Q]:Can you provide a sample finishing process?

[A]:Certainly, we offer a FREE sample finishing process. At jintaijin Polishing, there are no service fees for sample trials. Please contact us for further details.

[Q]:Can I choose the voltage suitable for my country?

[A]:Yes, we provide various voltage options. Our sales team will inquire about the voltage requirements during the consultation process.

[Q]:Do you provide a cleaning system?

[A]:Yes, we also manufacture cleaning systems, commonly referred to as wastewater treatment systems.

[Q]:Can you OEM the tumbling media?

[A]:Yes, we offer OEM solutions for tumbling media. Simply send us the media sample, and we will conduct testing and discuss further details.

[Q]:Can I reduce the noise of the vibratory finishing machine?

[A]:Yes, we can provide a soundproof cover to minimize noise levels.


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