Erfolgreiche Teilnahme der Jintaijin Polishing Company an der Wenzhou Exhibition June 20 , 2023

Jintaijin Polishing Company's Successful Participation in the Wenzhou Exhibition


Jintaijin Polishing Company recently had the privilege of participating in the prestigious Wenzhou Exhibition. This event provided an exceptional platform for us to showcase our latest products and demonstrate our manufacturing prowess to a global audience. Leveraging this opportunity, we went the extra mile by live-streaming the exhibition, enabling interested customers worldwide to experience our factory capabilities and product excellence firsthand. We are delighted to share the replay of our live stream at the following link:

Unveiling Our Latest Products:

At the Wenzhou Exhibition, Jintaijin Polishing Company showcased its cutting-edge products, featuring advancements in surface polishing and finishing techniques. Our innovative range of polishing solutions attracted significant attention from attendees, as they witnessed the impressive results achieved through our expertise and state-of-the-art technology. We presented a comprehensive display, highlighting the diverse applications and superior quality of our products, which garnered substantial interest and inquiries.

Live Streaming for Global Engagement:
Recognizing the value of reaching out to customers worldwide, we took advantage of modern technology to broadcast the exhibition live to a global audience. By live-streaming our booth and demonstrations, we ensured that customers from all corners of the world could witness the exceptional quality and capabilities of our products. The immersive experience allowed interested parties to virtually visit our exhibition, observe our dedicated team explaining product features and benefits, and engage with us in real-time. The live stream proved to be an effective tool in generating significant interest and enthusiasm among potential customers.

Helping Our Indian Client Overcome Polishing Challenges:

During the exhibition, we had the pleasure of meeting a distinguished client from India who was facing challenges with surface polishing in their own factory. Recognizing their dilemma, our team went above and beyond to assist them in resolving the issue. Leveraging our expertise and experience, we provided valuable insights, technical guidance, and customized solutions to help optimize their polishing processes. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and willingness to go the extra mile further solidified our reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.




Die Teilnahme an der Wenzhou Exhibition war ein voller Erfolg für die Jintaijin Polishing Company. Unsere Präsenz bei dieser renommierten Veranstaltung ermöglichte es uns, unsere neuesten Produkte vorzustellen, mit einem vielfältigen Kundenkreis in Kontakt zu treten und unser globales Netzwerk zu stärken. Durch Live-Streaming haben wir unsere Reichweite erweitert und Kunden weltweit die einmalige Gelegenheit geboten, die Stärken unserer Fabrik zu erkunden und unsere Produktfähigkeiten aus erster Hand zu erleben. Darüber hinaus hatten wir das Privileg, einem indischen Kunden bei der Bewältigung seiner Herausforderungen beim Oberflächenpolieren zu helfen, was unser Engagement für die Bereitstellung maßgeschneiderter Lösungen noch einmal unterstreicht. Wir freuen uns darauf, unseren Weg der Exzellenz und Innovation fortzusetzen und die sich verändernden Bedürfnisse unserer geschätzten Kunden weltweit zu erfüllen.


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